20 Incredible Products On Amazon Prime With A Huge Cult Following

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Image: iStock / jahcottontail143

For many of us, Amazon Prime is like our window into the world. It’s almost like the most reliable friend we have — we can order something on a Monday and know with near certainty that it will arrive by Thursday. Because Amazon Prime can offer you pretty much anything you’re looking for, it’s no surprise that it has a cult following. Those of us who frequently use Prime will definitely say that it’s a bit of a cult, there have definitely been times where we’ve ordered things we don’t actually need just because they exist. But sometimes the temptation is just too strong; it’s the lure of free two-day shipping.

The products that are most popular on Amazon Prime have large followings for a reason. More often than not it’s because of the hundreds or thousands of reviews. Positive reviews can be a make or break for just about anything when you’re shopping online. Seeing a product with thousands of reviews, especially when they’re largely positive, ensures that you’re getting something amazing. Amazon Prime is known for really bumping up the popularity of a product. Where would Instant Pot be without everyone raving about it on Amazon Prime? While there are literally hundreds of products on Amazon Prime with a cult like following, these are some of the biggest and best.

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