8 Pinterest Hacks That Will Take Your Baby Bottle Game To The Next Level

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Plain bottles are for basic babies. Luckily Pinterest exists to inspire us with new and better ways to pimp our baby bottles. But I spend hours on Pinterest every day so you don’t have to, so here are 10 baby bottle hacks

1. Screw you, expensive bottle holder

Forget that fancy bottle holder, you just need to go all Pinterest Mom on a toy ball, and for $5 your kid will be able to get an epic spiral on the bottle she’s throwing at you.

2. This is why the verb “to bling” stopped being cool

This is a perfect place to keep your pageant baby’s sugar water and Mountain Dew go-go juice.

3. Water bottles to baby bottles

Perhaps you can use this tool to turn all the beer bottles into baby bottles. (Turning beer bottles into baby bottles would be a fun way to troll your Facebook page, but I’m not sure I recommend it.)

4. Car-mounted bottle warmer 

I want an easy way to warm bottles while traveling so much that this makes me wish I actually had a car, even though I live in a place where having a car would be ridiculous.

5. Announcing a hipster baby

Speaking of trolling one’s Facebook page, this wonderfully cute baby announcement is a good way to get a head start on people yelling at you that you can’t have coffee while pregnant.

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