Woman Who Gained No Weight In Pregnancy Thinks Women Who Do Are Disgusting Fatties

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Sadie-NicholasI love it when women are happy about the way they look. There are way too many of us who are overly critical of ourselves, so hearing a woman who has pride in her appearance is nice. For a minute. Then she opens her mouth and you realize she is an awful, fat-shaming jerk. And you no longer care about her self-esteem. At least that’s the reaction I had when I read a few words from a post one woman wrote for the Daily Mail today.

English journalist Sadie Nicholas is super excited that she made it through her pregnancy only gaining minimal weight. Which is great. Good for her. But her superiority, judgment, and downright nastiness when she talks about other pregnant women is just gross and uncalled for:

Sitting in the waiting room of the antenatal clinic I was aghast at the sight of the women around me. To my left, a lady awaiting a 20-week scan munched her way through an enormous bag of crisps. It was barely 10am.

Another woman had spread a napkin over her expansive thighs and was devouring an oversized ‘breakfast muffin’. These, as any self-respecting woman knows, are just calorie-laden cakes masquerading as a healthy meal. This is a ruse that only ever seems to fool the overweight.

All around me I spotted arms, chins, thighs and bottoms. Dimpled, corpulent flesh was everywhere. If it weren’t for the pregnancy bumps, this easily could be mistaken for a slimming club meeting. Only at a slimming club, there is a sense of shame, or responsibility and desire to change.

Come again? The story that plays out in this woman’s head during the brief moments in her doctor’s waiting room is kind of making me think she may be delusional:

‘When are you due?’ a woman asked me. ‘Four weeks,’ I replied proudly. Her eyes dropped immediately to my compact bump, and I could see her mental processes working overtime.

Her initial incredulity rapidly morphed into anger at me and pity for my unborn child. ‘Anorexic,’ I could tell she was thinking. ‘Obsessive. Narcissistic. Putting her own vanity before the health of her baby.’

In a word, she was seized by jealousy – the green-eyed monster that seems to turn the most sensible and intelligent of women into bile-spitting harpies when faced with something they wish they had.

The woman she’s referencing has said zero words to her. Yet Nicholas has managed to come to the conclusion that she was being judged for her size all because this woman is an insanely jealous “harpie.” I’ll remind you again this woman has said nothing. Sadie, you really need to get a grip, honey.

She goes on to compare herself to Kate Middleton, because the Duchess remains slim through her pregnancies, too. Um, that may have something to do with the horrible sickness she’s experienced. Nicholas says, “I firmly believe that if more mothers adopted my – and Kate’s – approach to pregnancy, scant NHS resources would not be wasted treating the problems associated with maternal obesity.” So she thinks Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a fitness plan?

You’re totally entitled to be proud of your fit, pregnant body. But if you are this big of a jerk about it, don’t expect anyone to applaud you.

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