Bachelor in Paradise Couple Share Funny and Unusual Birth Story

I love a good birth story. They’re all different, and dramatic, and beautiful. And, sometimes, pretty funny! Bachelor in Paradise alumni couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert recently welcomed their first child together, daughter Emerson Avery, and revealed some funny moments and the unusual way Jade gave birth. The pair went on Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast I Don’t Get It a couple of weeks after Emerson was born to talk about her birth.

Emerson arrived 4 weeks early, so their story started out a little different than most. When Jade told Tanner that it was time, he initially didn’t believe her!

His response? “Go eat something!” Those words are usually music to a pregnant woman’s ears. But in this case, Jade’s water had broken, and it really WAS time.

After arriving at the hospital, Jade settled in, and Tanner took his own advice.

He said on the podcast, “I’m eating McDonald’s McMuffins while Jade is in the tub and Jade starts screaming at me because of the smell of it. I had two bites left of my McMuffin when Jade started losing her s–t, so naturally I finished them and went over to help her.” Again, RELATABLE. McMuffins are the food of the gods, they should not be wasted.

Once things really got going, Jade says Tanner was incredibly supportive during the birth process. He was active and engaged, and encouraged her by telling her, “You can do this!”

Being on Bachelor in Paradise probably prepared Jade for pain: she chose a natural birth with no epidural.

Natural child birth allows women to move around freely. This can be helpful in finding a comfortable position. Jade says that she she found comfort in laboring while on her knees, and gave birth on all fours. The pelvic rocking can help increase the mom’s comfort level. And when you’re laboring and delivering sans pain meds, you need all the help you can get!

Jade, Tanner, and little Emerson are all doing well. We’re sure they’re enjoying every moment with their new little one at home! Jade mentioned on a recent IG post that she’s getting ready to write her birth story for Emmy’s baby book, and would be sharing soon. We can’t wait to read it! So many hot messes come out of the Bachelor series and spin-offs, it’s nice to see a couple of alums make a real go of it. Congrats to the new family!

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(Image: Facebook/Jade Elizabeth Roper)

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