Kate Middleton Was Spotted Outside While Pregnant, So Cue 9 More Months Of Body Shaming

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kate-middleton-second-pregnancyKate Middleton was spotted outside the house while gestating another royal fetus, which means it is time for everyone’s favorite hobby: Body snarking pregnant ladies under the guise of being really, really concerned about their health.

This time it is noted pregnancy and fitness expert Radar Online posting the exclusive first pictures of the Kate Middleton baby bump under the appalling headline: “Pin Thin Kate Middleton Bares Bitty Baby Bump For The First Time — Is She Too Skinny?”

Giving the Internet an opportunity to opine about the figure and health of a pregnant woman is a good way to attract clicks, but this is just ridiculous. Kate Middleton has always been thin. She was thin during her last pregnancy, too. And she is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarium, an extreme type of morning sickness that involves a lot of vomiting and dehydration. It often causes weight loss.

You really can’t win if you dare to go outside the house while pregnant. If you’re thin like Kate Middleton, people will fret and clutch pearls over whether or not you’re eating enough and if you’re hurting the fetus by being too skinny. If you put on weight differently, like Kim Kardashian for example, the same people will start weighing you with their eyes and publicly worrying that you’re going to hurt the fetus by gaining more weight than the exact amount recommended by Dr. Google.

Unfortunately for the Duchess of Cambridge, this type of backseat doctoring will not stop until the baby is born and she officially reveals another post-baby body, at which point the Internet will give her a round of applause and go back to fretting about her hair, her diet, and why she is being seen in public without the baby.

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