Pregnant Woman Getting Fat Shamed By Her Wii Fit Tries To Sell It On Craigslist

140343346__1383211839_74.134.205.46How many of you own a Nintendo Wii Fit? OK, but how many of you actually use it? I think I used mine maybe like three times before i gave up that little hobby. I mean, I think it’s great that there are fun ways for people to work out at home and I know the Wii Fit has replaced a lot of gym memberships for people, especially moms with little kids who don’t have time to rush to a spin class every day, but in my house, this thing is just a dust collector.
I’m not the only one who is not crazy about the Wii Fit, because this woman in Houston is pretty damn sick of her’s too, and it just doesn’t understand that her body is changing!

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If you can’t quite make out her listing, it reads:

I recently purchased a Wii Fit game and balance board. It is in perfect shape. The Wii Fit keeps track of your weight and level of fitness but as I am pregnant and there is no option for pregnancy in the game, it keeps yelling at me for gaining weight and I am sick of it telling me I am getting fat and making my avatar look sad and frumpy. Please take this thing off my hands before I throw it out the window in a fit of hormonal rage.

Ha! I sort of hope no one buys it so she does throw it out her window in a fit of hormonal rage. And yeah, stupid video game robot should have a way of inputting your information if you are pregnant, so instead of talking about your weight it tells you things like “Your hair looks nice today” and “Have you decided what color you are painting the baby’s nursery?”

Now that I think about it, there are basically NO video games made for pregnant women. I think this is an untapped market. I mean, yeah, anyone with a Sims game can tell you how much fun it is having a kid in the game, but the best part for me was always walling it off in a tiny little box and waiting for it to be sent away to boarding school.

This is where we all develop our own Mommyish video game and make a million dollars. It will include your video game lady trying to avoid having her water break in public and arguing with her OB/GYN about pain relief during labor.

Props to awesome Mommyish reader Joy for sending this to me.

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