Everything Is Awesome For The Baby Who Was Born At LegoLand

Little blond child playing with lots of colorful plastic blocksThere are a lot of places one could give birth. You could have a baby at a hospital, or a birthing center, or in your own bathtub, or in a random creek in the mountains, or even in the backseat of an Uber. But little Lucas Atkinson is in the running for coolest birthplace ever, because he was just born at Legoland.

According to The Mirror, Lucas was actually supposed to be born at the Wexham Park Hospital in the U.K, but his parents had a bit of a detour. Janine Atkinson had actually been in labor for some time but was told by the hospital that it was probably just Braxton-Hicks contractions and she could stay home for a while. A few hours later, however, Atkinson told her husband it was real labor and they had better get going.

So they left their three other kids home, piled in the car, and headed towards the hospital, which happened to be in the same direction as LegoLand. That fact becomes important to the story, because en route to the hospital, Janine realized she was not going to make it without the baby coming out. So she just told her husband to head straight for LegoLand, as you do.

“I knew we weren’t going to get to the hospital in time and we were in a flap because we didn’t know what road we were on and I knew LegoLand was nearby so I told my husband to head there,” she said. “Going into LegoLand about to give birth is so surreal I just kept laughing, I thought if I keep laughing I’ll get through it.”

Am ambulance was called, but by the time it arrived Lucas Francis Atkinson had heard that he had a chance to be born at LegoLand and decided to come out right there in the parking lot. He is healthy and happy, and everything is awesome, especially since Lucas has been given a lifetime membership to LegoLand, which does seem like a perfect place for a birthday. You know, when he’s older.

(Photo: iStockPhoto/Getty images/Romrodinka)

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