If You’re Plus-Sized And Want To Look Extra Plus-Sized On Halloween, Check Out These Costumes

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Every Halloween we look at the ridiculous costumes out there for women and share our heads. Sexy Tree. Sexy Sponge Bob. Sexy Hamburger. As a plus-sized woman with a modicum of self-respect and a dash of intelligence, those costumes aren’t happening anywhere near my body. When you’re a fat chick, costume makers make sure you have access to Sexy Sailor in a plus-size (go on with your bad self), but they also provide options that are way, way more awesome than any horrible Sexy Crayon costume could ever be.

Sure, you can get your sexy on with costumes that are “also available in plus-sizes,” but I prefer the ones from the plus-sized section that should be labelled, “Not available below a 1X. Because come on.”

1. Candy Corn

Plus-sized candy corn costume

(via Party City)

In it’s description of this costume, the Party City site says, “Complete your look with a long-sleeve shirt and leggings!” Yes. And possibly a large jacket and sweatpants. We get it, Party City.

2. Maleficent

Plus-sized Maleficent costume

(via Party City)

You’ll look like Angelina Jolie, but you’ll be shaped like a garbage bag.

3. Pirate (with Spanx)

Plus-sized pirate costume

(via Party City)

This costume is labelled on the Party City site as a “Shaper Costume.” That means that it has a “…built-in bodysuit [that] cinches and boosts in all the right places.” Mm-hm. Sounds fantastic. Give me one of those cincher costumes that will push my enormous boobs up to my chin and pinch me when I am trying to enjoy a Kit Kat.

4. Fiona from Shrek

plus-sized fiona costume

(via Party City)

Remember the fat ogre with a heart of gold? Yeah. That’s you.

5. Nun

plus sized nun costume


Flattering and sexless? Sign me up! (She does have a saucy shoe, though.)

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