Neighbor Litters Yard With Zombies And Severed Heads, Parents Freak Out

Forget styrofoam tombstones and smiling bats hanging from trees — one homeowner in Minneapolis would rather haunt your dreams and scar your children. Either this person really loves zombies and gore, or he or she just loves scaring the crap out of small children and pissing her neighbors off. The Halloween-lover has peppered her yard with severed heads and gruesome zombies, and some of her neighbors aren’t happy about it.






My Fox Twin Cities has a slide show of the very intricately decorated lawn. I would not be bringing my small children near this house, but it is Halloween. I’m not really surprised that some people are going overboard. There was always the one house in my neighborhood when I was growing up that went over-the-top trying to scare kids. The one I remember just had some lame mummy popping out of a coffin with a black light. But with the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead and zombie movies everywhere, is anyone surprised severed heads of the undead are ending up on people’s lawns?

For those of us with kids, Halloween revolves around them. But there are plenty of people in the world who don’t have small children. I’m not into horror movies and gore, but a lot of people are. This is the time of year when that stuff gets to take center stage. Sorry parents who think this is inappropriate, but everything doesn’t revolve around your children.

I have a four-year-old and a one-year-old. If this was in my neighborhood, I would just take another route on Halloween. I might not want to be staring at this all day if this was a neighbor’s house, but frankly I’ve seen some Christmas displays that were equally obnoxious. I’m just not into over-the-top decorating for any holiday. But if it’s not my house, who cares what I think? These types of decorations are not against the law, so the neighbors that don’t approve are just going to have to ride out the season.

(photo: myfoxtwincities)

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