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New Mom Wants to Ban Visitors for a Month and Apparently That’s Not OK

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Listen, a new mom needs to be given WHATEVER she asks for. Bringing a newborn home can be one of the most stressful and difficult moments in a new parent’s life. And it doesn’t necessarily get easier with subsequent babies. If you already have kids at home, adding a newborn in the mix can be incredibly hard. So when a new mom or dad asks that visitors kindly stay away for the first few weeks after baby comes home, then goddamnit, just stay away!

And whatever you do, don’t judge or criticize them for their decision, ffs.

One new mom posted a very simple question about asking visitors to stay away on “Mumsnet”, and lord. You’d think she’d said no one would be allowed to visit the new baby EVER.

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This seems like a PERFECTLY logical request. A lot of parents don’t allow visitors in the hospital, and asking them to hold off until they family has settled in is totally fine! When I brought my babies home, I didn’t want anyone around either. I was recovering, I was tired, I was stressed out. I also didn’t want to expose the baby to germs or dirty hands. It’s a brand-new baby, not a freaking puppy.

Other moms on the board chimed in, agreeing with the OP. Some even offered suggestions on how to ask visitors to hold off.

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