Pregnant News Anchor Gives Birth to Baby Boy After Water Breaks on Live TV

NBC New York channel 4 news anchor Natalie Pasquarella–photographed above in the black and yellow dress–is an absolute pro. The pregnant news anchor was in the middle of a story on Wednesday night, when her water broke on live TV. Somehow, she just gave a little giggle and kept it completely together and kept reading the news as though nothing unusual had happened. Even the three people sitting immediately next to her at the anchor desk didn’t notice.

When the broadcast ended, Pasquarella told everyone she was about to have a baby.

That must have been a fun conversation in the news room. “Hey, guys. Guess what just happened …”

Pasquarella’s colleagues at Channel 4 New York showed Wednesday night’s footage.

Pasquarella was in the middle of a story about Twitter raising its character limit from 140 to 280 characters when it happened. She gave an awkward laugh at one of her coworkers’ jokes, glances around for a second as if to see if anyone noticed, and then kept going on with the news.

After the show was off the air, her coworkers quickly helped her get to the hospital. Her husband met her there.

About 13 hours after that, Jamin James Pastore was born weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces. He was born earlier than expected, but he and Pasquarella are reportedly doing just great.

Contrary to what happens in a lot of movies and TV, babies often take a long time to come out after a mother’s water breaks. Pasquarella figured she had time to wait for the show to end.

It’s such a weird story, it sounds like something that would happen on The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Murphy Brown. And a quick Google reminds me that this exact same thing did happen to Murphy Brown, but she didn’t handle it nearly as well as Pasquarella. At the end of Season 4, Murphy Brown went into labor live on TV–just like Pasquarella–and everything immediately went crazy. The cast and crew all panicked. All the other on-air talent ran off the air to help. It was chaos.

Pasquarella had a much easier time of things. She just looked surprised and gave a little giggle, then calmly went off to deliver her baby after the broadcast was over. Now she and the baby are fine, and her colleagues had a really cute story to report on the next day.

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(Imgae: Screenshot / NBC News 4)

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