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Viral Newborn Photo Comes With an Important Warning for New Moms

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The birth of a child is a very special time! Many parents choose to have the event documented by a photographer, to capture the moments they may not remember and get that coveted newborn photo (mom will be pretty busy, after all). Birth photography can go so right, but it can also go soooooooo very wrong.

One mom learned the hard way that checking the background during a birth photo should always be rule #1.

Like when you see it ?

Posted by Bubs Warehouse International on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oh, so sweet! What a great newborn photo! Such an amazing… WAIT WHAT IS THAT?

We get it. You had a baby, you want to share the joyous news! But maybe, just maybe, you should check the WHOLE picture before posting it on Facebook. Lest you give the world a nice shot of your pulverized privates.

People are going to have a hard time focusing on the sweet baby with that money shot in the background.

We’re guessing dad took the picture? Or another nurse? Rule #2 when taking a picture in the delivery room: NO UPSHOTS.

Rule #3 when taking a picture in the delivery room: for cripe’s sake, please make sure mom is done with the birthing process.

Rule #4, and maybe the most important rule of all: never, EVER post a picture on social media without getting a second set of eyes to give it the once over.

In all the excitement, it’s easy to assume that whomever took and posted the picture just wanted to share their joy. But in their euphoria, they obviously overlooked a very key element in the newborn photo. Pro-tip: people on social media want to see the squishy new baby, but they really don’t want to see where it JUST came out of.

Congrats to the new parents, and welcome to the world, little baby! You went viral within moments of your arrival, those are some big shoes to fill.

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(Image: Facebook / Bubs Warehouse International)