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Sneaky Student Found a Hilarious Loophole in Exam Rules, and One-Upped His Teacher

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When dealing with enterprising youth, it’s important to be as specific as possible. One professor is discovering that, after a sneaky student found a loophole in his exam rules and exploited it in a hilarious way. Reb Beatty, an assistant professor at Anne Arundel Community College, gave his class some test guidelines for their upcoming Financial Accounting exam. Like he has in years past, he allowed students to bring in one 3×5 card to use during the test.

But he didn’t specify feet or inches, and one brilliant young man noticed.


The sneaky student brought in a 3×5 FOOT poster board, covered in notes. Round of applause for this young man.

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Reb says, “First test day of the semester and as always, I allow a 3×5 notecard. Today, a student shows up with this. Sure enough, it is 3×5… feet. As precise as I am, apparently I never specified inches and therefore yes, it was allowed. Well played and lesson learned for me.”

Rules are important. Being specific about the rules is also very important!

To the professor’s credit, he took it in stride and admitted his error. He also defended his rule allowing note cards during exams. Calling it a “preparatory tool” rather than a test aid, he said, “It is NOT cheating, or going easy on students, or however you want to reference it. An accounting exam, designed effectively, requires application of concepts and proficiency in the material, not just regurgitating facts. In a time-sensitive environment (such as this), a student will not be successful, regardless of the size of test aid, if he/she cannot apply concepts to various practical situations.” Sounds like this professor knows what works for his students! And it also sounds like he’s more invested in helping them succeed than watching them stumble over a single test.

People were here for this sneaky student and his loophole.

Commenters on the Facebook post called the young man “brilliant” and gave kudos to the professor for allowing the the card in the first place. One commenter even suggested the student try law school, because of his ability to play to the letter of the law. We couldn’t agree more! Maybe if more teachers set their students up for success instead of failure, students would respond accordingly. College isn’t easy, even for professors, but stuff like this just shows that it can be fun and certainly educational.

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