What Would You Do If You Caught Your Nanny Drinking Your Breast Milk?

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It’s hard to find a good nanny. There’s a lot of behavior a person might overlook if it came from someone nice and reliable. If the kids love the nanny, a parent will put up with almost anything. One mother even kept her nanny on after discovering the woman was drinking her breast milk. That’s a lot more than I’d put up with, personally, but then the nanny actually did it again!

According to the New York Post, the 27-year-old mother has a two-year-old son and a one-month old daughter. She lives in Taiwan and identified herself only by her surname, Lin. She hired a 58-year-old nanny to help during her one-month “confinement” period–a traditional Chinese practice where new mothers don’t leave the house after birth–and everything was going fine.

Then, however, she caught the nanny drinking her breast milk.

Lin must be the most chill woman in the world, because she did not consider drinking breast milk to be an immediately sackable offense for the nanny.  Lin did not fire the nanny. She just told the nanny to please not drink her breast milk. She said if there was milk in the bottle that the baby didn’t drink, the nanny should give the leftover milk to the two-year-old. With new instructions in place, Lin thought everything was fine.

Then, however, she noticed milk disappearing more quickly than she expected.

When she checked her house security footage, she caught the nanny drinking it. The nanny knew about the cameras and moved out of range, but Lin says the nanny put the baby in her crib and went over behind the refrigerator door and drank the milk herself.

The nanny admitted drinking breast milk

The nanny didn’t even apologize when Lin confronted her. She just said that she’d “only drunk a little” and that Lin was stingy and mean for not sharing. She even said previous employers had let her take home leftover breast milk.

Lin asked her Facebook friends if she was being unreasonable or stingy. No! It’s not unreasonable at all to think that’s completely unacceptable. Lin reported the nanny to the social welfare department, but they said it was unprofessional but not misconduct. Lin fired the nanny, who told Lin she didn’t want to work for her anyway. Now she works at a kindergarten. Well, there’s probably no breast milk there for her.

What would you do if you caught an adult drinking your breast milk? Let us know in the comments.

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