Walking Dead Actor Shows His Support For Public Breastfeeding In Amazing Fan Photo

If you love The Walking Dead, you probably know who Norman Reedus is. He plays total bad-ass zombie shredder Daryl Dixon and is universally loved by the show’s insanely devoted fan base. Now, he can be universally loved by moms everywhere as he recently took a photo with fans while they nursed their babies showing his support for nursing in public. Because we needed another reason to adore him.

Here is the adorable photo, taken at the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Cincinatti:

norman reedus

(via Instagram)

From Huffington Post, a quote from Tammie Hamed, one of the moms pictured. She tells of what happened after she and her friend, Libby Dalton, waited in line to have their picture taken with Daryl “Mother F*cking” Dixon, aka Reedus:

Hamed told the “Momma Is A Hippie” Facebook page that the actor “made a comment about boobs and so many babies.” She recalled, “Somehow breastfeeding was mentioned and we offered to take a nursing pic with him. He was excited and said it was the best pic he’s ever taken.”

This is fantastic for a number of reasons. First of all, Norman Reedus is holding some kind of fake boob and it’s hilarious. Then, there’s the obvious benefit — anything to normalize breastfeeding in public is a good thing. Too many times, we hear of women being shamed or outright chastised for doing something perfectly natural that is legal wherever a mother is legally allowed to be. Then, there is the fact of Norman Reedus being who he is and what kind of fans idolize him. The Walking Dead has a very diverse fan base so of course, his audience is far wider than just moms. If this photo is seen by several thousand young guys who might typically see a woman nursing in public as “gross” or something to cover up, maybe it will make them think twice. If nursing is cool with Daryl Dixon, it should be cool with them too.

It’s also great that one of the moms pictured is nursing a slightly older toddler. In addition to garden-variety shaming of breastfeeding mothers, we hear many stories of women being told their child is “too old” to nurse when the reality is that many moms breastfeed their children well into toddler-hood and feel they have to hide it. I nursed my son until around 18 months and even that felt somewhat “radical” compared to most mothers I knew. Of course by that age, many kids don’t need to nurse for nutrition but if they are used to doing it for comfort, I see no reason a mother should deny them if she’s willing. This photo shows a mom doing what she feels is right for her child and now, millions of people have the chance to see it and maybe feel a little less scandalized by it. Great job, Norman Reedus. I was a fan anyway but now, I’m a little more in love.

(Image: GettyImages)

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