Breastfeeding Banned At Breastfeeding Summit, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

boobfeedBlack is white, day is night, cats and dogs are living together, and a breastfeeding summit told attendees that they wouldn’t be allowed to breastfeed at the event. The world has gone crazy, everybody. Get some bottled water and find a table to crawl under.

The Scottish Government received a wee bit of criticism after telling mothers who were invited to its upcoming Breastfeeding Summit that the venue was “not designed to accommodate” breastfeeding, according to an article in the New Zealand HeraldI’ve never worked as an event planner, but this seems like one of those items that should have been at the top of the checklist; it’s like holding a conference for the physically disabled in a building that isn’t handicap-accessible. I’m not sure how a) something like that gets missed, or b) how after the error was discovered the people in charge said, “Eh, so they won’t be able to breastfeed. At the conference promoting breastfeeding. I say we go with it.”

Turns out this was more of an issue for people than organizers anticipated, because they have now made sure that proper facilities will be available. Now that you’ve twisted their arm and all.

Here’s how invitee Elise Stirling described the most mystical and absurd event of her life (from The Independent):

…She was sent an email by organisers telling her it was “not appropriate” to breastfeed at the event, after she had informed them of her dietary requirements because she was breastfeeding.


She told The Independent: “It basically said thank you for your response, but it’s not appropriate for nursing mothers to bring their babies, we will organise a separate meeting for mothers of babies.


“I was absolutely dumbfounded – I couldn’t believe it at all, so much so that I actually had to go back and check the e-mail word for word to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.”

Right? Because how could this possibly happen in a world where there is both a written and spoken language understood by all parties involved, and where we have things like logic and the concept of opposites? Someone please explain to me how more than one person saw this happening and said it was okay? Man, Scotland really needs this breastfeeding summit. Like, a lot. Someone get in there with a boob and a baby, stat.

The conference, which is called, “”˜Shifting the Curve Sharing the Challenge Breastfeeding Summit,” is being held to kick-off a year-long commitment by the Scottish Government to promote breastfeeding because the irony will never, ever stop in this story.

(Photo: Anatoly Tiplyashin / Shutterstock)

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