According To Stock Photography, We’re All Breastfeeding In A Field Of Flowers

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As a mom blogger, I write about breastfeeding with some frequency. The most tedious part about it is finding a stock photo that portrays a true picture of breastfeeding. I can never find one that comes even close to what it’s like in real life.

If a photographer really wanted to capture what it’s like to breastfeed, there would be endless images of exhausted moms scrolling through their phones in bed at 3am while doing it. Or attempting to do anything while attached to a double breast-pump. Or wincing in pain because the baby’s teeth are starting to come in. But why show reality, when we can all pretend that breastfeeding is something we all only do in nature. Surrounded by flowers. That’s just prettier.

I’m a little terrified that I’m lost in this flower labyrinth, but we’ll be okay.


I’m so glad I brought you to this poppy field at dawn, instead of just sitting on the couch like I had planned.


I’m exhausted from hiking to this desolate field to feed you, but at least there’s a nice breeze.


I’m so glad I remembered to bring my book to this desolate daisy dirt field.


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