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If You’re Berating Women For Dressing Sexy On Halloween, You’re Not A Feminist

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If an adult woman wants to dress up in a skimpy Halloween costume, more power to her. The constant ridicule and shaming women face during this holiday season is absurd. It’s particularly disturbing when it’s from other women. There’s nothing progressive or feminist about berating adults for something as silly as what they decide to wear on Halloween.

From Feministe:

It almost, but doesn’t entirely, take the fun out of Halloween–the pressure to be Sexy, when all you really want to be is funny or clever or scary. And from a feminist perspective, it throws the entire movement back about 50 years, to a time when a Playboy Club-style Dirty Cop was more generally accepted than an actual female cop on the actual street.

That’s just one example of the many, many, many articles on the topic. I agree that no one should be made to wear anything they don’t want to. But if a woman chooses to dress as a sexy cop or a Playboy Bunny she is not throwing the entire feminist movement back 50 years. I’m usually a fan of hyperbole, but that is just ridiculous.


It’s yet another aspect of life that women have way worse than men. Halloween is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be fantasy. Why should there be limitations on what is deemed “okay” for women to wear? Why do so many people feel comfortable throwing the word “slutty” around during this holiday? Why are so many of those people women? What happened to the sisterhood? I’m a feminist and I think boobs are great. If you want to show your damn cleavage or wear thigh-high stockings because you can, go on with your bad self.

I’m not saying that some of the costumes out there aren’t ridiculous. Sexy Spongebob? Sexy Olaf? What I’m saying is, who cares? The never ending loop of shame we are exposed to during this month is just ridiculous. Make is stop. I was a bartender for years and I donned a sexy costume or two. No one showed up to revoke my feminist card. I made it through okay.




My biggest problem with most of these outfits is that they are expensive and super cheaply made. Apart from that — there are plenty of options if you don’t want to show a bunch of skin or leave the house in what is tantamount to lingerie. But if you do, put your garters on and have some fun. You won’t be getting the side-eye from me.

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