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Juli Briskman, the Woman Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade, Gets Fired

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The picture captured hearts around the country. A woman on a bike ride happened to ride right by Trump’s motorcade, and in an act of resistance, flipped him off as she rode past. She remained unidentified for about a week, but we now know the shero’s name. Juli Briskman was the woman doing what the vast majority of the rest of us wish we could. It’s now being reported that Juli was fired from her job with Akima LLC  as a result of her actions.

Juli Briskman is a 50-year old mother of two. She told HuffPo that she was shocked to find out that someone had taken the picture of her giving Trump the bird.

Juli says that as the photo began making the rounds online over the weekend, she figured she should tell her employer when she returned to work on Monday. Akima fired her on Tuesday.

Akima told Juli she violated their social media policy by using the picture as her profile photo on social media. Kind of love that she did that, honestly.

juli briskman

Image: Facebook/Juli Briskman

Juli had worked for Akima for a little over 6 months, in marketing and communications. She violated the policy by having “lewd” or “obscene” things on her social media accounts. According to HuffPo, Juli “emphasized to the executives that she wasn’t on the job when the incident happened and that her social media pages don’t mention her employer”. But Akima is a government contractor. They were concerned about the photo impacting their business.

However, Juli says that another colleague had lewd or obscene material on his Facebook page. That employee had a cover photo that featured Akima.

The colleague was reprimanded for calling someone a “fucking Libtard asshole”. Charming! He kept his job after deleting the post. Juli wonders how his comment was any less obscene than her middle finger. We’re wondering the same.

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