Twitter Praises Mom’s Attempt to Sabotage a Trump Rally

Last week, #TheResistance found a new heroine in one North Carolina mom who decided to take an anti-Trump meme to the next level. It’s the kind of gag that was simple, non-violent, and also incredibly brilliant””that is, if you’re not a fan of the current president. University of Minnesota student Becca Mayo first found out about her mom Susan’s genius stunt from a text. The 21 year old (who is not a Trump supporter) got a text telling her she’d been registered to attend Trump’s big rally in Pennsylvania last Saturday.

The point? To make sure there were empty seats at Trump’s Harrisburg rally, ensuring a blow to the president’s already-fragile ego.


And yes, with 259 likes and over 82k retweets, Twitter instantly got behind the action:


twitter reply to trump rally
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tweet reply to trump rally
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tweet reply to trump rally
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tweet reply to trump rally
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Susan told Buzzfeed that she was originally inspired by a meme she’d been seeing posted all over Facebook by

Susan’s reasons behind pulling the stunt off were simple: she believes Trump is “an embarrassment to America” and that he has “no clue what he was getting himself into” when he became president.

But while many of us will see a meme and chuckle then move on, Susan saw it as an easy opportunity to do a little resisting.

Of course, there were some #MAGA folks who were a little bent out of shape about the matter, but it doesn’t really matter because Trump’s rally actually DID end up with plenty of empty seats.

A number of tweet and images posted by the press on social media proved that the rally was, in fact, a bust. Though the president and his people have been claiming that the event was so packed they had to send people away, these images prove a different story:



So what do you all think? Could it very well have been that all those fake guests Susan registered for the Trump rally did, in fact, lead to the amount of empty seats? Or does it point more toward the fact that Trump has well over a 50% disapproval rating just within his first 100 days in office? While we can’t be certain, I think it’s not a bad tactic to use for his future rallies. Yanno, just in case.

(Image: Twitter/jewish_beyonce)

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