Judd Apatow Gives Awesome Advice To Teen Girls, Becomes Insta-DILF

ask a grown manWhen I think of Judd Apatow I think funnyman. Or if there’s a new film he’s working on, I just think, “Oh, I’ll have to see that, Judd Apatow’s awesome.” But that’s basically the extend of it until now. That’s because I just finished watching a video in which Apatow doles out advice to teenage girls and, well, I think I might be in love with him.

The video, which you can view here, is part of a series by Rookie magazine where they ask male celebs to answer questions and give advice to teen girls on things like boys and dating. (John Hamm, for instance, told girls not to be embarrassed to fart in front of their boyfriends.) In Apatow’s debut, he answers questions like, “Do boys gossip if so, how and when?” and “What’s the best way to break up with a guy?”

Apatow is honest, deadpan and, of course, funny. But what makes me love him is the fact that he’s not speaking down to his teenage viewers (let’s face it: it would be really easy for a 44-year-old Hollywood star to mock a bunch of teenage girls obsessing over boys and appearances). But no, Apatow dishes out the same advice he’d likely give his own two daughters 13-year-old Maude and 8-year-old Iris.

He tells one girl, “You should never change yourself under any circumstances because you know what? You’ll always be you but you’ll be YOU acting crazy if you try and act like somebody else.” (It’s true!). He also suggests she doesn’t lose weight to attract boys but rather to be healthy. On and on he goes totally worth checking out.

[vimeo video=”44698228″]

(Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)

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