Entitled Whiners Demand The Right To Slenderman Halloween Costumes In City Where Stabbings Occurred

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slenderman-halloween-costumeEarlier this year, two girls in Wisconsin were arrested after luring their friend into the woods and stabbing her nineteen times, allegedly because they were told to by Slenderman, a creepy invention of the Internet. Now, people in the area where they stabbing occurred are expressing their concerns about Slenderman costumes being sold in local Halloween stores. Yes, some people don’t think it’s appropriate to sell this costume, and are asking for boycotts of stores who refuse to pull it from their shelves, but others have a different and, shall we say, unbelievably idiotic concern: what about the kids who really had their hearts set on dressing up in this wildly in-poor-taste costume this year?

That’s right; while Halloween Express stores in Waukesha County have pulled the long-running Slenderman costumes from their shelves, Party City and Spirit Halloween still currently have this option available to shoppers, and some people are deeply concerned over the possibility that these two stores are going to follow suit and yank it. What if Waukesha children wanted to dress up as Slenderman? Why doesn’t anyone care about their suffering, as these noble Internet crusaders do?

slenderman1Hmm. I’m pointing a finger, but it’s not my index finger and it’s not technically pointed “at” you. My other three fingers are pointed in the direction you can go; namely, to hell.

slenderman-comment-screencap-2Halloween is supposed to be a time for imagination. Please use yours to try to figure out how a costume of the character who inspired the stabbing could be seen as in poor taste just as much as one of the stabbers themselves.

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