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Hillary Clinton Makes Cover Of Time Magazine – As A Scary, Man-Trampling Giant

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“Can Anyone Stop Hillary?”

This is the headline of the latest issue of Time magazine, with Hilary Clinton on the cover. Well, she’s not really on the cover. An illustration that is supposed to depict her is. If I was shown this cover without the accompanying headline and was asked to make my own, I probably would’ve said something like:

“Emasculating She-Giant In Sensible Shoes Tramples Man”

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Why, when we’re talking about a professional, powerful woman do we oftentimes default to an image of her trampling over men to get to the top? In what way does giving women equal opportunities and rights diminish men at all? Can someone please explain this to me?

Unfortunately, there is no smart answer to this question, because powerful women do not diminish men. They just don’t. Can we stop perpetuating the myth that they do? Especially a source like Time magazine. Women read your magazine, you realize this, right? It’s amazing how an illustration like this manages to at the same time attribute some power to Hillary but also put the focus on the poor, minimized man dwindling at the bottom of her heel.

Stop her! Somebody stop her! She may be RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!!

This type of imagery is old and tired and just fuels those who would claim that feminists or women who attain any type of professional or political power at all only do so at the expense of men. It’s just not true.

This is not empowering. It’s quite the opposite.

(photo: Time.com)