10 Sexy Disney Costumes For Moms That Will Embarrass Kids On Halloween

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Look, if you want to dress sexy on Halloween, more power to you. I find the cultural obsession with “Slut-o-ween” obnoxious, and yet another male gaze-enforced, societal catch 22 for women in which we’re expected to be sexy but — gasp! — not that sexy! Do you this Halloween, in whatever outfit that might be. IMHO the best part of the holiday is that it gives you ample opportunity to embarrass your kids by wearing something ridiculous (family costumes FTW). And if you are in the mood to show some skin this October, might I suggest one of these super hot Disney costumes? Because why be a sexy nurse when you can be a sexy Jack Sparrow instead?

1.Jack Sparrow

Seriously, I wasn’t kidding. There is a sexy Jack Sparrow costume and it is swashbuckingly awesome. Bizarro British accent sold separately.

2. Peter Pan

This costume is a lot cuter than the one Allison Williams will be wearing in the live Peter Pan musical. But did they really need to stitch “I <3 Lost Boys” onto the front? #creeperpan

3. Mad Hatter

This looks like something Lady Gaga would design on a celebrity season of Project Runway. Make it work, little monsters!

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