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McDonald’s Hilarious Burrito Billboard Shut Down by Boring Corporate Overlords

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A McDonald’s franchisee on the border of Colorado and New Mexico decided to take an out-of-the-box approach to advertising the new McDonald’s green chile breakfast burrito, and he took out a giant billboard on the highway that said, “Usually, when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!”

It’s not the oddest billboard we’ve ever seen. That honor would probably go to the anti-drug ad that used Elsa from Frozen to scare kids off meth, or the ridiculous mother in Texas who took out an actual billboard in the center of town to beg people to vote for her daughter for prom queen. But this one is still pretty darn strange, because one does not often see an overt drug reference right next to the shiny golden arches of the McDonald’s logo.

Comparing a burrito to a nicely rolled serving of top-quality marijuana is not the most out-there sort of humor, but it’s pretty out of character for a pretty stodgy, Egg McMuffin-and-hash-browns company like McDonald’s. If Burger King or Chipotle ran that ad, nobody would think anything of it. (Chipotle actually did use that slogan back in the early days of the company, before they were purchased by McDonald’s.) But when McDonald’s makes an off-color joke, it’s extra funny because one doesn’t expect it. It’s like hearing a little old lady curse.

The McDonald’s is located between Colorado, where marijuana is legal, and New Mexico, where it is not.

The Internet loved the joke, and the billboard photo got tossed around on Twitter for days of gleeful snickering and weed puns. Unfortunately, the people in charge of such things at McDonald’s corporate offices did not think the joke was nearly as funny as the Internet did, and now the billboard is being taken down.

A spokesperson told the Huffington Post: “This local franchise billboard does not meet our standards and is being taken down.”

Oh well, it was funny while it lasted. And it will live on forever, thanks to the internet.

(Image: Twitter / KRON4News)