‘Vote My Daughter For Prom Queen!’ Ridiculous Moms Begs On Billboard

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brandy dayAs a mom, I get the need to protect our children and want the best for them. But there comes a time – especially when your children are teens – when you need to cut the cord, take a step back. Clearly Tammy Day didn’t the get the memo. The Texas mom has dished out more than $1,500 on advertisements – including a giant billboard in the center of town – urging people to vote her daughter for prom queen.

“Vote Brandy Day for Prom Queen!” screams the billboard, along with a photograph of the smiling teen. I doubt Brandy is smiling right now, though, because most high school students I know would be mortified by the whole fiasco. I mean, can you imagine? But according to Tammy, “[Brandy] almost cried over it. It was really overwhelming. She was really grateful.” Um, not really buying that, but whatever. This isn’t even about Brandy (though I am sick for her); this is about Tammy and her need to control a situation that she should be stepping far, far away from.

Honestly, Tammy Day reminds me of the sickening Toddlers & Tiaras moms (it’s like Toddlers & Tiaras: The Teenage Years). Granted, she’s not sexualizing her daughter – thank god! – but she is getting overly involved and offering up her child’s name, photo and high school for the whole world to see. (Not a good idea, lady.) Tell me Tammy doesn’t sounds like a T&T mom with this little gem of a quote justifying her actions:

“All the girls want the wow factor. You know, they wanna outshine or outdo the next girl… Competition’s tough, and then you’ve got your peer pressure as well.”

Tammy then says, “Win or lose, [it’s] definitely worth it because it makes her dream come true.” I have to wonder, though: Is this Brandy’s dream or simply Tammy’s dream for her soon-to-be-adult daughter? (Yeah, that.) Plus, Tammy might not know it, but she just spent $1,500 ensuring her daughter doesn’t win. Because when you’re a high school student – or pretty much anyone with a brain – there is nothing less cool than an over-the-top mom publicly humiliating her daughter like that, no matter what the intention.