Women Absolutely CRUSHES Her Opponent in Cotton Candy-Eating Contest

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The woman is the GOAT. Pro-tip: don’t challenge ladies to a cotton candy-eating contest, because we will absolutely end you. And look dainty and proper while doing it! A clip from a Chinese variety show called I’m the Winner has gone viral, and it is epic. The clip shows two contestants in a cotton candy-eating contest: a man and a woman, both looking very fancy and ready for the game. I bet you’re thinking, well why would that go viral? What’s so funny and/or amazing about that? Brace yourselves, folks. It’s a clip for the ages.

The cotton candy-eating contest segment was probably meant to be fun and lighthearted. I mean, it’s cotton candy! How much of a contest could it really be? Just wait until you see this woman wreck the whole thing.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? At first I thought maybe they sped the video up? But no. NO NO. That is just the speed with which this complete maniac eats cotton candy.

The woman in the video is 25-year-old TV anchor An-Qi. Her form and the way she attacks that cloud of spun sugar? Like she’s been training for this moment her entire life. You know she researched this beforehand, probably using charts and shit. No hesitation, just lightning quick hands and POOF! It was gone. Standing ovation, An-Qi. Seriously, you are impressive.

But also, what the hell is that guy doing?!

He’s eating cotton candy like he’s afraid it’s going to bite him back. The best part of the whole video is the end, after An-Qi has inhaled an entire cloud of cotton candy in .2 seconds and then stand there with a look on her face like, are you done yet?

cotton candy-eating contest

Image: Twitter/@DelightDestiny

People on Twitter fell in love with An-Qi and her cotton candy skills.

Hats off to you, An-Qi. You have shown the world how to crush the competition in a cotton candy-eating contest. We are forever in your debt.

(Image: Twitter / @DelightDestiny)