The World’s Weirdest Anti-Drug Ads Use ‘Frozen”s Elsa to Scare Kids Off Meth



I grew up watching Rachel Leigh Cook smashing up her apartment with a frying pan while screaming “This is your brain on drugs!” so I thought no anti-drug ad could surprise me. I was wrong. The Montana Meth Project, a nonprofit devoted to trying to reduce meth use, particularly among teens, just came out with a line of billboards featuring a meth-addled Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen saying, “Meth, just let it go.”

That’s just weird, right? Do teenagers care enough about Elsa to let her tell them to stay away from meth? Are meth users really into Frozen? Is Elsa really six feet tall?

One suspects a lot of Montana parents will be facing uncomfortable questions from their small children, who are going to want to know why Elsa is all messy and why she’s in jail wearing a chic, off-the-shoulder orange jumpsuit.

The Montana Meth Project is part of the Meth Project organization, which is dedicated to using public service announcements, billboards, and other media to try to stop first-time meth use among teens. The organization credits the design of the Elsa billboards to a Montana teenager.

The Montana Meth Project seems to be a pretty well-regarded organization, and nobody can argue with the nobility of trying to stop teen meth use. Still, this does not seem like the sort of thing Disney likes to see. The ad doesn’t specifically call our meth-ravaged heroine Princess Elsa, but it’s obviously Elsa and the tagline is “let it go.” One imagines the Montana Meth Project will have to get itself a new poster princess, because Disney’s not likely to let this one go.

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