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Kristin Cavallari Claps Back at People Calling Her Pregnant on Instagram

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Being a woman in the public eye means one’s body is constantly scrutinized by strangers, so reality TV star Kristin Cavallari probably was assuming people would look at her latest bikini picture pretty closely. What she wasn’t expecting was a bunch of her followers to mass-hallucinate a “baby bump” and start telling everyone she was pregnant.

Cavallari is vacationing in Mexico with her husband, former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler, and she’s been posting photos of their vacation on Instagram. When she posted this one, a bunch of her followers started insisting that she was pregnant, and also commenting on her “baby bump” and “stretch marks.”

This is the picture they’re talking about, and now I’ve peered at Kristin Cavallari’s body more closely than I ever intended to, and now I’m concerned that all her followers are taking hallucinogenic drugs, because this is the least pregnant anybody has ever looked. Cavallari seemed flummoxed by all the sudden scrutiny her stomach was getting.

“People, seriously, I’m not pregnant wtf,” Cavallari wrote. “I’ve had 3 kids but even so, tell me one person that has a completely flat stomach. And those aren’t stretch marks-I was laying on a towel that left marks. Maybe don’t stare so hard.”

It’s not appropriate to run around playing spot-the-baby-bump with anybody. It’s not OK to do it to Jennifer Aniston, or Chrissy Teigen, or the random lady on the elevator at work. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small. If the person is pregnant and wants you to know, they will tell you. Pointing out a “baby bump” on a person who is not pregnant is extremely rude.

Some of Cavallari’s followers rushed to defend her against all the pregnancy rumors.

“Even if she is pregnant, it’s none of anyone’s business! Secondly, it might be the angle or lighting, or an extra drink! She is vacationing!” one commenter wrote, presumably trying to be helpful. “Haha, she looks incredibly amazing. Period. I hate media’s concern of an extra skin flap or our mama stripes. We are humans not plastic dolls. Kristin, you’re beyond fit and smoking hot, avoid the trolls with their jealous comments.”

Seriously, unless you can do an ultrasound with your eyes, don’t try to diagnose pregnancy from a photo. And if you can do an ultrasound with your eyes, I’m sure the X-Men have a much better use for your powers than spotting celebrity pregnancies.

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