Kim Kardashian Put North West in a Time Out, and She Had the Most Kardashian Response Ever

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Toddlers are the best people. They’re so proud and creative and dramatic, they always surprise you, and it’s entertaining to watch them do anything. Kim Kardashian’s adorable daughter, three-year-old North West, is no exception. Even when she’s in trouble, she’s unbelievably cute in the most toddler way possible.

Yesterday, North West must have been doing something to get into a spot of trouble with her parents, because her mother put her in a time out. But then, while going about her business, Kardashian got that frisson of parental sixth sense we all have when it’s not just quiet, it’s too quiet. Kardashian went to investigate, and this is what she found:

North dragged all her pillows and blankets into a comfy pile and made herself her own little “spa,” complete with a strip of toilet paper draped over her eyes like a mask, and she tells her mother she’s, “Just chilling.”

That’s such a toddler thing to do! “I’m not in Time Out. Oh sure, you might have put me in Time Out, and I can’t leave Time Out. But I’m here because I want to be, not because you told me to be. And also I made it a spa.”

I can’t even with this kid. She’s just so funny! Kim Kardashian must have an impossible time keeping a straight face when she’s supposed to be mad or stern. Personally, I find having to keep a straight face when you’re supposed to be stern downright impossible when the toddler is acting in a way that is mildly bad, but also completely hilarious and adorable.

Kardashian posted the photo to Twitter, and for once even the commenters there seemed united in appreciation for North’s cuteness, and Twitter never agrees on anything. The one thing that did seem to confuse people was why North West was in time out in the bathroom, but it’s just that North West lives in a big, swanky, new-construction house, and her bedroom has an ensuite bathroom attached. When North decided to take her time out and turn it into a spa, she moved her pillows and toy bunny in there, because bathrooms are a lot more spa-like than bedrooms.

(Instagram / @KimKardashian)