This Clown House Is Sweet or Terrifying, Depending on How You Feel About Clowns

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A real estate listing for a home in Brantford, Ontario has taken the internet by storm. On the outside, the little bungalow looks charming. It’s 748-square-feet, close to parks and schools, and comes with a detached garage and well-maintained yard. But start flipping through the photos of the interior and it will immediately become clear: this is no ordinary home.


This is a clown house. Literally.




Most of the social media responses to the house can be summed up by this tweet:

get murdered

image: Twitter / @wasabi

Normally when a house is staged for sale, the personal items of the current owner are tucked away. This helps potential buyers picture their own possessions in a home. But I guess when you own approximately a billion clowns, it’s kind of hard to find a place to stash them all.

In an interview with Vice, the son of the home’s owners said that there’s actually a story behind the clowns, and it has nothing to do with murder. Michael McMannis said that the reason his parents’ house is full of clowns was because of an effort to keep him from drinking too much. “My stepdad had a drinking issue as perceived by my mother. Every clown represents a bottle of beer that he would have bought.”

McMannis said his mom suggested that instead of spending money on alcohol, they would buy a clown every time they went out. And they weren’t looking for expensive clowns, or collectibles. Any clown would do. “There’s no fancy clowns, there’s nothing worth any value. They didn’t go looking for a particular artist,” he said. “You’ll find there’s a lot of McDonald’s stuff… You can pick those up for a dime or a quarter.”

McMannis estimated that his mom and stepdad have almost 1,500 clowns. That…is a lot. He also acknowledged that some people do not find the collection charming. “There are some people that love them and some people that will walk into the house and run away.”

After the house sells, McMannis’ parents are going to move in with him and his wife. He told Vice that a lot of the clowns would be boxed up and stored in their crawl space. And that, my friends, is how a horror movie begins.