10 Reasons I Will Always Be A Pro-Circumcision Mom

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I must be a glutton for punishment because here I am again, talking about the great penis debate. It’s funny to me that this topic stirs up so much controversy when I firmly believe that it is no one else’s business what goes on in my baby’s diaper.

Yes, I’m writing a blog post about it because the topic is interesting to me, and people deserve to be informed. But the outrageous judgment is a… bit much? It’s interesting to see some irrational jerks penis lovers crawl out of the woodwork whenever circumcision comes up.

While certainly not everyone who discusses circumcision intelligently is a jerk, this hot button topic brings the loons to the yard. For the record, my husband and I made a very educated decision to circumcise both of our sons, which, again, doesn’t affect anyone else’s baby’s penis. From my understanding and personal experience, many men are circumcised. Time says:

In 1979, close to two-thirds of boys in the West underwent a hospital circumcision after birth, but by 2010 that percentage dropped to around 58%.

Though the number dropped, 58% is still a lotta penises. Even with all of the crazy arguments and judgments, I have yet to figure out why everyone is getting their foreskin in a bunch. But why not poke the bear again?

Here are my top 10 reasons for why I will always be pro-circumcision for my kids:

1. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports that the benefits outweigh the risks. 2. Oh, wait—yet another source, The New York Times, says that the benefits outweigh the risks.

3. The World Health Organization supports circumcision to reduce the spread of infectious disease. 4. Based on my concerned-mom observation, the very simple in-office circumcision procedure appeared to be no more painful than newborn shots.

5. Medical professionals recommend it for basic little boy hygiene.

6. A few more fun facts: Circumcision reduces the risk of UTIs, penile inflammation, and penile cancer. 7. Our pediatrician recommended infant circumcision versus an invasive, painful, surgical procedure later in life.

8. The no-turtleneck look is aesthetically pleasing to many, which is, AGAIN, a matter of opinion.

9. I will continue to stand by the fact that circumcision is not that big of a deal and is not a matter of life or death. We made the best choice we could make for our kids as parents. 10. PRO-CHOICE is the perfect way to sum it up: “We’re not pushing everybody to circumcise their babies,” Dr. Douglas S. Diekema, a member of the academy’s task force on circumcision and an author of the new policy, said in an interview. “This is not really pro-circumcision. It falls in the middle. It’s pro-choice, for lack of a better word. Really, what we’re saying is, ‘This ought to be a choice that’s available to parents.’ ”

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