Measles Outbreak At Disneyland Shows How Quickly Disease Can Spread

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2015 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships - Day EightIt seems like the years of vaccine deniers being able to point to the general health of the community as a reason to not need to vaccinate are coming to an end. 2014 saw a record-breaking number of measles infections and we’ve just learned that last month, nine people contracted measles at the happiest place on earth — Disneyland. What is it going to take to get everyone onboard with vaccines?

From CNN:

Public health officials in California and Utah confirmed nine cases Wednesday, all of them visitors of either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim between December 15 and December 20.

The California Department of Public Health said it suspects an additional three cases but had not yet confirmed those diagnoses.

Eight of the nine people who came down with measles had not received the recommended immunizations against it. Two were infants too young to receive the immunizations. Okay. Can we stop this nonsense now? Children do not receive MMR shots until 12 months at the earliest. The fact that the disease is making a comeback is dangerous for a lot of small children and adults with compromised immune systems.

The science does not support the vaccine hysteria. The autism link has been repeatedly debunked. Some anti-vaxxers have moved on from terrifying people with b.s. autism claims, to trying the ingredient scare tactic — which science has also repeatedly explained is not as horrifying as they make it sound. If you are following the recommendations of some person who is not a doctor on their personal blog instead of consulting your pediatrician for advice on the health of your children — you have issues.

From Think Progress:

Anti-vaccine beliefs are particularly prevalent in Disneyland’s home state. People in California — and especially left-wing parents in Los Angeles’ wealthy school districts — are opting to waive their children’s vaccination requirements in rising numbers. Doctors in those areas are now receiving more training about how to convince parents to make different choices.

Great job wealthy California parents!

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