IKEA Has Recreated Living Rooms From Some Of Your Favorite Shows

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If you’ve furnished a home or apartment at any point, then you are likely very familiar with IKEA. Because furniture and home decor is expensive AF. It’s so stupid! These are items that are going to be used to death, so naturally let’s charge all the monies for them! What a racket. So that’s why we love IKEA. Sure, some of the stuff isn’t super great quality. But when you have kids, quality isn’t even something you care about. You’re going to be replacing that couch or bed frame way sooner than you anticipated, so don’t blow a wad on it. But aside from the cheap and cute goods they sell, we love how in-tune they are with pop culture, as evidenced by this AMAZING series called “Real Life“. The Swedish company has recreated our favorite TV living rooms with stunning accuracy.

First up: everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, The Simpsons. IKEA really nailed this one.


Image: IKEA

OK, how cool is this?! You’d think that they’d have trouble recreating an animated living room. But nope. They nailed every single part of this space, right down to the purple coffee table. Now, to be fair, the table doesn’t come in purple, but who doesn’t love a quick DIY job? We hope that couch is well-made, because if you have this living room you are required to run full-speed at it and have your entire family slam into it everyday.

The one with the Friends living room!

Image: IKEA

We always loved the lived-in, warm and fuzzy vibe of Monica and Rachel’s living room. We could have done without the purple walls, but it is what it is. Aside from a few minor details, like the pattern on the rug and some throw pillows and other small design elements, this is pretty spot-on.

But IKEA went above and beyond with their Stranger Things living room.

Image: IKEA

How exactly does one recreate a dingy, cluttered space that is being haunted by a little boy being held captive in the Upside Down? Well, with string lights, of course. This one is INSANE. It looks exactly like Joyce Byer’s living room! Right down to the discarded trick-or-treat bin in the corner. Personally, we wouldn’t want to decorate a room from that show, but we appreciate the attention to detail here.

So far, the items in the TV living rooms are only available in the United Arab Emirates for now. But hopefully IKEA makes it possible for all of us to relive our favorite TV moments with some new furniture and home decor soon.