IKEA Is Asking Women to Pee on Their Magazine Ad for a Discount

This is quite possibly one of the weirdest, grossest, and most brilliant ad campaigns I’ve ever heard of. IKEA, purveyor of cheap, chic furniture and home goods, is offering a pretty substantial discount on one of it’s new items. The catch? Women have to pee on the magazine ad in order to claim it.

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Anyone who’s furnished or decorated a house or apartment is familiar with IKEA. Their stuff is cheap, relatively cute, and impossible to put together. But now, IKEA wants to be known for something … much more bizarre.

The Swedish company is putting out an ad for a new crib, called the Sundvik. It’s a very nice looking crib! But at $995, it’s a bit steep (especially for IKEA). But they have a brilliant plan: the magazine ad for the Sundvik contains a hidden discount. All you have to do it pee on it to reveal it!

Yes. You heard that right. In a brilliant and disgusting new campaign, the brand is asking women to pee on the ad. See, there’s a strip on the page that uses the same technology as pregnancy tests. So a woman pees on the page, and if she’s pregnant, the discount will be revealed!

No word yet on whether or not the pregnant woman will have to actually bring in the pee-soaked magazine page to get the discount. It is a bit of genius marketing, but yikes. Those poor IKEA employees! Who is charged with collecting the coupons? How is this going to be handled? Literally. Will they have gloves? Do you have to hand it over in a Ziploc bag? Can they just take your word for it?

“Hi there! I’m going to be buying a new Sundvik crib, because I peed on your catalog and I’m pregnant! So do I give you the pee page, or…?”

You can watch the ad for yourself above. It is a really lovely idea, and it’s so cool to see how far pregnancy test technology has come. But would you pee in an add for half off a crib?

(Image: Facebook/IKEA)

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