Kris Jenner Went Platinum Blonde and Is Now the Newest Kardashian Meme

We haven’t heard much about any of the Kardashian Jenners lately, and Kris will not let that stand. Fresh on the heels of Kardashian baby news times 3, and about a week after Kim debuted her new hair, Kris has blessed the world with her own new ‘do. Kris’ signature pixie cut is now a striking platinum blonde, because you only live once and have that kind of cash to throw at a day of hair treatments, right? Blonde Kris Jenner has now spawned a meme-off for the ages. Just another day on the internet!

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Blonde Kris Jenner is giving LOOKS. The suit, the martini, it’s prime Kris.

I wonder if it bothers Kim that her mom cops her shit at every time. I wonder if Kris cares.

The memes that we’ve been blessed with following Kris’ move to the lighter side have been nothing short of glorious. What did we do before clever people on the internet took pictures and made them funny?

7 years of good luck and 7 more Karda$hian babies! Fingers crossed for you, Blonde Kris Jenner.

Quick, hide the dalmatians!

Is it too late now to say ‘sorry’?

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

She’s at every family barbecue, always over-dressed, and always silently judging the rest of the family with her eyes.

The sleek hair, the fur, the martini. You just know she wipes her tears with real dollar bills.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit that the Kardashian Jenner clan knows how to jump to the front of the line. With 3 babies joining the family soon, we imagine Kris was feeling a little left out. Can you blame her for wanting to pull the spotlight back onto herself for a bit? Blonde Kris Jenner knows what’s up. Have fun being the center of attention for a little bit longer, Kris!

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