Mom Is Suing Hospital After the Nurse Fell Asleep and Dropped Her Premature Baby

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Giving birth to a set of premature twins is stressful enough without having to worry about the state of care your babies will receive in the hospital. Now, one mom in Marmora, Ontario is gearing up to sue Quinte Health Care after one of their nurses fell asleep and dropped her infant son.

Kelsey Bond gave birth to twins Keiran and Kayden at Kingston General Hospital on December 23rd at just 29 weeks gestation. On February 3rd, little Kayden was transferred to Belleville General, with his brother following a few days later. Kayden finally went home on February 10th, but Keiran was forced to remain due to additional health problems.

On February 20th, a nurse at Belleville (whose identity has not been disclosed) was feeding the sick infant when she reportedly fell asleep and dropped Keiran on his head. The nurse woke up to find Keiran on the floor crying.

Bond received a phone call from the hospital at 5 a.m., about 5 hours after the incident occurred, informing her of the fall. Pediatricians at Belleville examined Keiran and assured Bond that her son was just fine.

However, Bond demanded that her son be transferred back to Kingston, where pediatricians found that Keiran had a depressed skull fracture and acute subdermal hematoma. The child remained at the hospital until February 27th when he was released for an additional ultrasound. Bond then took Keiran to Peterborough Regional Health Centre when he became dehydrated, was transferred once more to Kingston, and finally went home March 2nd. A complete nightmare for this young mother and her family.

Worst of all, staff at Quinte Health Care and Belleville General have done little more than to offer some light apologies for the entire incident.

”We are devastated and so sorry that this baby fell while in our care. This is a very experienced, highly qualified, great nurse,” said Carol Smith Romeril, Quinte Health Care’s vice president and chief nursing officer.

Romeril went on to mention that her staff is excellent and compassionate, and that they are “also human” as a way to half-heartedly apologize for the nightmare Bond and her son have endured.

”We certainly recognize and apologize for the anxiety and the stress this has added to the family despite the fact they’ve been through so much already,” Smith Romeril added. And yet Bond says that the nurse in question continues to work at Belleville.

”The nurse is not suspended; she has not been fired; there is no punishment for her,” said Bond, who attests that the nurse who dropped her son should no longer be allowed to work at the hospital, with children, or on late shifts.

”If she was tired she shouldn’t have gone to work. She’s risking children’s lives, and these aren’t just normal, full-term babies. They need special care.”

Bond has already spoken with a lawyer and plans to sue for neglect for an undisclosed amount.

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