AMAZE Is Using YouTube Videos to Deliver Real, Comprehensive Sex-Ed to Kids

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Sex education in this country is absolutely abysmal. And it’s only getting worse! The Trump administration seems hellbent on doing away with any sort of scientifically-proven and medically-accurate sex-ed. Instead, they’re opting for abstinence-only sex education, which as all know, is terribly ineffectual and dangerous. Since most sex-ed somes from schools, it puts the younger generation at a huge disadvantage. Several organizations are trying to undo the dismantling of sex education, with books geared toward kids that fully explain the birds and bees. Others are creating apps that allow teens to discuss the issues they face as they navigate this new and confusing world of sex. Now, another organization is trying to make up for the lack of comprehensive sex-ed in schools. AMAZE creates and promotes fun, educational sex-ed YouTube videos aimed at tweens and teens. And they’re absolutely amazing.

AMAZE wants to make comprehensive sex-ed accessible for everyone.

According to their website, AMAZE “envisions a world that recognizes adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy; a world that affirms and supports all children across the globe as they navigate the challenges of puberty and mature into young adults.” HEAR, HEAR! This idea that kids can’t understand sex education or shouldn’t be exposed to age-appropriate sex-ed is damaging. It also severely underestimates just how much kids understand and want to learn.

Their collection of videos cover topics like masturbation, sexual orientation, condoms, sexually transmitted diseases, and even unplanned pregnancy.

The videos are short and informative, and geared toward young minds. They don’t mince words, and they don’t shy away from covering difficult topics like sexting and sexual violence.

They have playlists that include videos on important topics, like Consent.

This playlist contains videos called What is Sexual Assault?, Maybe Doesn’t Mean Yes, Saying Yes or No: What is Consent?, Consent Explained, and Consent for Kids. Consent is definitely something I think a lot of parents struggle with explaining in a frank, age-appropriate way. And these videos are just so thorough and clear on difficult topics like this one.

Comprehensive sex education is crucial to raising healthy and intelligent kids. There’s no shame in teaching your kids ALL about sex, but if you’re struggling to find the right words, let AMAZE guide you with their much-needed videos.

(Image: YouTube/AMAZE org)