Those Prince William and Kate Middleton Affair Rumors, Explained

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Image: WENN

Now, we’re not official royal watchers by any means. Sure, we love following along with the royal family and all the comings and goings. We enjoy the engagements and weddings and of course, the babies! When you live in a country without a monarchy, the whole thing can be very fascinating. So while we wouldn’t call ourselves royal experts, we’ve developed quite the information bank about the current family. So when we first got wind of the affair rumors circulating around Prince William, we got our Google fingers good and ready to dig in. It’s a whole royal scandal!

Infidelity in the royal family is, unfortunately, nothing new. It’s not even considered all that surprising in some circles. But people have a real affinity for Prince William and Kate Middleton, so the current cheating rumors are kicking up quite the cloud of dust. It should be noted, these are rumors! There are ALWAYS rumors of some kind or another floating around about the royals. But the official royal gossips have chomped onto this particular cheating scandal. Probably because it involves Prince William, and wounds from what happened between his parents still haven’t fully healed. So let’s see what’s what with these cheating allegations.

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