12-Month-Old’s Developmental Milestones: A Complete Guide

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Babies grow up so fast, don’t they? It might seem like one minute you’re pregnant then the next you have a rambunctious toddler sitting in front of you. We cannot completely forget about the mountain of dirty diapers between those moments. But, time has flown by. And your baby has probably hit many of the typical 12-month-old’s developmental milestones.

There are lots of changes that happen to a baby from the time they are a newborn to the time they hit their first birthday. Take a look at 12-month-old’s developmental milestones. If your little one hasn’t checked some off them off, do not ring the alarm bells. There is no exact developmental rate. Some babies might be slower to develop — especially preemies — while some might be faster. If you are concerned about your little one’s development and possible development disabilities, speak to your doctor.

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