Tori Spelling Accused of Knocking Off an Indie Designer’s Baby Line

Celebrity mom Tori Spelling has five kids and an upcoming line of baby goods called Tori Baby. But now she’s being accused of knocking off the independent designer who created some of the swanky products in her baby’s nursery.

According to Cafe Mom, Tori Spelling recently posted a photo of her display of Tori Baby goods at ABC Kids Expo in Los Angeles. Her products include diaper bags, crib bumpers, and braided knot pillows. Unfortunately, some people noted that her nautical knot pillows and braided crib bumpers looked exactly like products produced by independent designer Juju & Jake.

It doesn’t seem like a mere coincidence, either. Juju & Jake say they gave their products to Tori Spelling for her nursery. They featured photos of Spelling’s nursery months ago.

Spelling’s “chic and elevated” nursery was written about in July by People. Coverage like that is why companies give items to celebrities. It can be great exposure for a small brand to show up in celebrity profiles, paparazzi shots, or celebrity Instagrams. (Remember the instant freak-out when Prince George made his first appearance? That Aden + Anais baby swaddle sold out for months.) But most companies don’t expect celebrities to copy their products and sell them under their own names.

Spelling’s nursery included a malachite green braided baby bumper and gold braided balls by Juju & Jake.

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Juju & Jake does not appear to be pleased to see Tori Spelling selling braided bumpers and balls just like theirs.

“Decorative knot pillows and bed bumpers -an idea she stole from us after we provided these items to her for her sons nursery,” the company said in a comment on Spelling’s photo. “very disappointing that a celebrity would do that to a small shop like ours.”

Juju & Jake’s bumpers and pillows are reportedly hand-made in Canada. The knot pillows range from $18 to $34, and the bumpers are $15.50 on Etsy.

Tori Spelling has not yet responded to the accusations, or to Juju & Jake’s comments. But what do you think?

Is there any reasonable explanation for this? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Instagram / Tori Spelling)

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