Pit Bull Who Mauled Boy Becomes Internet Star While Victim’s Mom Scrambles To Raise Money For His Surgeries

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mickey-the-pit-bullAt the beginning of last year, a pit bull mauled a four-year-old boy as he and his friend were playing in the yard. The attack left Kevin Vicente with a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and the possibility of years of reconstructive surgery ahead of him. A vicious-dog petition filed by one of the adults on the scene spurred a social media campaign and online effort to keep the the dog from being put down.

It worked. Mickey the pit bull now has a 24-hour-webcam installed in his cell at a no-kill shelter. The Facebook page created to support the dog has nearly 75,000 followers.

After the attack, a New York-based not profit began raising money for the dog’s legal expenses and a local attorney donated his time to represent him. While that was happening, Kevin’s mother began living out of her car because frequent visits to the hospital made it impossible for her to keep her job. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that more people cared about a dog than the child he mauled.

Thankfully, some of the attention that Mickey is getting is finally starting to overflow to his young victim. Supporters started an Indie-Go-Go page to help Flor Vicente pay for her son’s medical bills. They have surpassed their goal of $20,000 and still have 47 days left for their fundraising drive. Awesome.

What is not awesome, is what the Save Mickey page has to say about the situation. Here’s the description from their “about” page:

Mickey is facing death because an unsupervised 4 year old child went onto Mickeys property while Mickey was enjoying his bone. The child tried to take the bone away from Mickey. Mickey went to grab his bone back and bit the child in the face.

Local attorneys the Schill Law Group will try to save poor confused Mickey who is being punished for doing what dogs do and what children should be taught not to.

He is sad and very confused. He deserves to be fought for.

Way to lay the blame on a four-year-old who is facing years of reconstructive surgery. His mom told Fox13:

Flor said at first, she was hurt that Mickey was getting more support than her boy.

People were donating money to keep Mickey from being put down.

Kevin’s mom felt that supporters were blaming her boy for the attack saying he was trying to get Mickey’s bone.

“My friend said that people were supporting the dog and really liked him, and I said it can’t be that this is happening. I couldn’t understand,” she said.

Yes, they totally are blaming her kid. Just look at that ridiculous statement on their Facebook page. Is that necessary? Why is that even there?

I’m glad she’s finally getting the support she needs to care for her child’s injuries.

(photo: Facebook)