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This ‘Got Toddlered’ Instagram Account Is So Real It Hurts

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Have a baby, they said! It’ll be awesome, they said! And yes, in so many ways, it is. But what they fail to warn you about is the stage between babyhood and childhood: toddlerhood. It’s the fire you walk through to get to the good stuff, and lordy does it burn. A new Instagram account run by Dad and Buried is showing what parents look like before and after they got toddlered. It’s a little too real, tbh.

Got Toddlered shows us what happens to parents once they have kids. Before: fresh-faced and ready to take on the world! After: can being tired damage your DNA? Asking for a friend.

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Brave parents are sending in their before and after photos, and we relate to every single one on every single level.

“Personal space”? What is that, exactly? Those words have no meaning anymore.

That light in her eyes 9 years ago! The only in our eyes now is the reflection from the fire one of our kids just set.

Every parent has their “done” face. Mine is permanent.

Dad aren’t immune to being toddlered, either! Moms may take the brunt of it, but plenty of dads have been laid out by their kids, and they deserve some support, too.

Your kid is a damn magician if they can turn you from a strapping young dude into Nick Nolte. Got toddlered, indeed.

You see the smile on that baby? They’re sucking the very life force from our blood. We look like zombies, and of course they look like they just stepped off the pages of a magazine.

There’s no denying that being a parent is one of the greatest things in the world. However, there’s also no denying that it is a never-ending uphill battle, and it takes a toll! My kid once asked why it looked like my eyes were wearing floaties. At this point, my bags have bags. My actual BONES are tired. Still, all it takes is one cute thing per day to erase the memory of cleaning vomit out of a car seat. One VERY, VERY cute thing.

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