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Move Over, Helicopter Mom: Unicorn Moms Are Here, and They Have Horns

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There are so many mom labels now, it’s hard to keep them straight. Free-range mom, helicopter mom, tiger mom, granola mom. Your parenting style needs to be summed up in a catchy little title nowadays. I feel like most of the moms I know are a little bit of everything. We just call ourselves moms? But if you’re into labels, hang onto your butts, because there’s a new one: unicorn moms.

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So, what are unicorn moms? What’s their story? Where do they hide their horns? I have questions.

Unicorn moms are, as far as I can tell, the wild-child of the mom bunch. They’re not perfect, they love to laugh, they love to drink, and they don’t give a single fuck about what you or anyone else thinks of them. These moms are honest and will tell you what they think! They love their kids, they love their families, but they don’t play the politics of parenting bullshit.

OK, now that I think about it, maybe … I’m a unicorn mom.

Hilariously, there’s an actual Urban Dictionary definition for unicorn mom: “A mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor and couldn’t care less what you think.” Urban Dictionary lists “Beautiful; Boss; Bitch; and Zero Fucks Given” in the See Also section, LOL. There are online forums for unicorn moms, and a really popular Facebook group.

This phenomenon is sweeping motherhood! And you know what? I get it. Too many parents (but moms in particular) get caught up on the politics of parenting, and it sucks every goddamn ounce of fun out of this gig. Giving all that drama and big middle finger and just enjoying your life and kids and cocktails sounds like an excellent way to go.

So let’s hear it for the unicorn moms! And maybe let’s ALL try to be more like that. Just be you, be the best mom you can be, and fuck what anyone else thinks. I’m in. Now where do I get my horn?

Want to know more? Check out the Unicorn Mom community because they’re seriously our people.

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