The Internet Is LOLing Over This Dad’s Very Literal Take on Mom’s Bedtime Instructions

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Being parents is a constant game of guessing what your co-parent is talking about. Does “Give her something to eat” mean a big dinner salad or a popsicle? How often do we really have to brush the toddler’s teeth? Are these pajamas or clothes? Does the word “bath” automatically imply the presence of soap?

These are the things parents deal with. And that’s why everyone got a kick out of this dad’s very literal interpretation of the phrase “just put her in bed.”

Ashlie Nicole Williams and Aaron Cade from Lousiana have an adorable two-year-old daughter named London.

Seriously, this little baby is really cute!

Then one day Cade came in with their daughter sound asleep in her car seat. Williams told him to “just put her in the bed.” When she went to check on the toddler later, she discovered Cade had taken her instructions very literally.

He just popped the whole car seat into the bed, covered it with a blanket, and let her sleep. Williams thought it was hilarious and took a picture. She also turned around and went right back to the other room.

“Literally, I walked out of the room to laugh because I didn’t want to wake her up,” Williams told TODAY. “I asked him, ”Really, dude?’

“He looked at me with the funniest facial expression, like he didn’t see why I was laughing. He said “What?”

Everybody is laughing at that adorable baby sleeping in her car seat.

People are loving the post. Williams’ Tweet has been liked more than 100,000 times and retweeted more than 42,000 times. It’s really adorable.

Sure, its an unconventional way for a toddler to sleep. But anybody who has ever parented knows to treat a soundly sleeping child like a bomb. You put it down very gently, and you jostle it as little as possible. Cade told Williams he wasn’t going to wake that baby up.

He was just being logical. He could have unbuckled all those straps and lifted the little girl into bed. But every buckle and every strap is a die roll to see if you accidentally wake the baby up. Really, just stuffing the whole car seat into bed does seem like the safest option.

In fact, he’s far from the first parent to pull this car seat move.

This isn’t a parenting fail. It’s a life hack!

Have you ever put the car seat right in bed? Let us know in the comments.

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