Women Are Better Wine Tasters Because Men Are Too Emotional, Says Study

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Well, if this isn’t the most ironic thing I’ve read today. Women are always getting dinged for being “too emotional.” We’re too emotional to be president, too emotional to hold positions of power, blah blah blah. Apparently we’re just TOO EMOTIONAL to do anything, but we’re also delicate little weaklings who crack under pressure because nothing makes sense. Well listen up, menfolk! As we’ve seen with a certain someone’s big baby Twitter tirades over the last couple of years, men seem to be the emotional ones. Y’all aren’t even capable of handling the simplest of tasks, like wine tasting. According to a new study, women are better wine tasters, because men are just too damn emotional. Sorry, snowflakes!

women are better wine tasters

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Women are better wine tasters because men just can’t seem to separate their fee-fees from the task at hand. Get it together, guys!

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I’m probably enjoying this a little too much, but whatever, I’m fine with that. The study was published in the Food Quality and Preference scientific journal. Researchers asked 208 volunteers to participate in a blind taste test with six different wines. Volunteers tasted three reds, two whites, and a rose. Side note: how does one volunteer for such a study? Asking for a friend.

Tasters were asked how they felt about each wine’s profile.

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For both male and female participants, “fruity and floral blends tended to inspire positive emotions, while licorice, clove, and vanilla notes inspired negative or neutral emotions,” according to the study. But here’s where it gets interesting! Dr. Caroline Chaya of the Technical University of Madrid, who led the study, told The Telegraph, “In general, men reported higher scores on significant emotions than women for all the wines. But women, although they gave generally lower ratings than men, reported greater differences between the wines.”

So the next time you’re at dinner, make sure you taste the wine before signaling it’s fine to pour for the table. We obviously can’t trust overly emotional men to make such important decisions.

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