30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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Image: John Rainford/WENN ; WENN.com

When American actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry of England, she became the Duchess of Sussex. It was the stuff fairy tales are made of! From her perfect hair, makeup and dress to the way she looked at Harry and he gazed at her, the love was palpable. The entire wedding was perfection but that was just the beginning. After the wedding, the real work kicked in! Let’s consider all the royal rules Meghan Markle has to follow as a Duchess.

Being the Duchess of Sussex comes with a massive set of responsibilities. She’s not just Meghan Markle, actress, anymore. She’s having teas and meetings with the Queen Mum. She’ll be attending galas, balls, public engagements and living a life of royal duties. The public gets caught up in the tiaras and dresses and palaces. But the reality of being a part of the royal family is a life of servitude to the British monarchy. It’s a very ordered, regulated and highly scrutinized existence. As such, there are rules, regulations, and preferences Meghan now has to keep in mind if she wants to stay on the Queen’s good side. These royal rules range from obvious to downright bizarre, but we’re sure Meghan will have no problem being a model Duchess.

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