Internet Needs an Outlet for Their Anger, Settles on Melania Trump’s Heels

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Let’s be real — right now, there’s a lot to be upset about in our world. Yesterday, though, a lot of people channeled their anger in an unusual direction. What were they upset about? The fact First Lady Melania Trump wore high heels as she and President Trump left the White House to visit hurricane-ravaged East Texas.

NBC News reporter Peter Alexander tweeted a shot of the President and First Lady departing the White House en route to Corpus Christi. The couple was walking to the Marine One helicopter, which would then fly them to the airport where Airforce One was waiting.

Twitter users immediately noticed the First Lady’s high heels, which are not exactly a good shoe choice for a disaster zone (let alone while walking across the grass to a waiting helicopter).

Twitter went off and comments quickly rolled in

As far as optics go, wearing expensive heels to a hurricane is probably not the best way to show the people who lost everything that you’re sympathetic. But in the scheme of things, it’s also a pretty minor thing to be upset about, as several Twitter users emphasized.

I don’t blame anyone for giving the First Lady’s footwear choice the side eye. I often take my feelings out on the little things when I am upset and overwhelmed by larger issues. And then I find the people who make jokes, because laughter is the best medicine.


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