25 Secrets Moms Who Co-Sleep Want To You To Understand

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Image: iStock / venimo

You never planned to co-sleep your baby. When you were pregnant with your first child, you swore up and down that you would never co-sleep with your baby, no matter what. Your child will be sleeping in their bassinet in our room for the first six months and after that, you would start sleep training so that they can sleep through the night in their crib in their nursery. But after the newborn stage, you realized how silly you once were. You couldn’t take any more nights of sitting up to nurse, only for the baby to wake up as soon as she’s placed in the crib. Co-sleeping made you saner and much less sleep deprived.

The biggest misconception that you have heard is that co-sleeping is dedicated to “crunchy moms” who exclusively use cloth diapers, make homemade baby food, baby-wear, and home school when that could not be further from the case. You wish that you had the effort to do all of those, but you’re just a normal sleep deprived mom who wanted some extra sleep at night. (And even if you’re a crunchy mom, all the power to you!) Co-sleeping is popular all around the world and has been since the beginning of time. And it has been quite the journey for you and your little family.

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