Brewery That Created Pink Bottle of Beer ‘for Women’ Totally Fails at Marketing

For those who enjoy it, beer can be a wonderful thing. Crisp. Cold. Satisfying. But you know what it’s not? It’s not a thing that’s based on gender. That is to say, anyone and everyone can drink and like beer. Sure, there are still plenty of beer commercials that tend to be geared toward heterosexual males (ads with bikini-clad ladies or bro-guys chugging at a sporting event). But that doesn’t actually mean ladies don’t drink beer “just because.” And now, one brewery that created a pink bottle of beer “for women” is getting called out on their major marketing fail.

Yes, a pink bottle of beer because that’s supposed to be what the ladies want to drink. <<insert eye roll>>

According to their website and social media, newbie Czech beer brand Aurosa touts itself as the #beerforher and the #beerforwomen, respectively. Their description states that their beer is a, “representation of a woman’s strength and a girl’s tenderness.” Uhm…excuse me? What?

How About #BeerHasNoGender?

If that sounded a little gross to you, you’re not alone. Many of us beer drinking ladyfolk have absolutely no idea what founder Martina Å mírová was thinking when she penned that line. According to a press release from the brand, Å mírová claims that she created the beer as a, “reminder that women shouldn’t forget that they can succeed in all aspects of life without having to adapt or sacrifice their natural tenderness and femininity.”

Yeah, basically, it sounds like Å mírová’s has some antiquated ideas about gender overall. That said, the beer bottles are pretty and her marketing tactics don’t really bear any weight on the flavor of the beer. Maybe it’s delicious, maybe it’s awful. Who knows, they’re not really telling us much about the flavor?

Still, many of the world’s beer-drinking women-folk were displeased at the notion that we should be drinking this stuff simply because it’s more “femme” or whatever.

And people didn’t shy away from sharing their thoughts about the pink bottle of beer on Twitter.

Yes, that’s right. Many of us women don’t really care whether a beer is “meant” to be “for us.”

I enjoy all types of beer, as long as it’s not a Mike’s Hard Lemonade or other light stuff that’s also said to cater to women. I know plenty of women who exclusively drink stouts or who are big on IPAs or who are down for a variety. Clearly this isn’t a good way to go for Aurosa, and hopefully other beer companies will know better now.

If you do want to advertise to us, show a commercial where we’re drinking beer with our friends. Or hanging out at a sporting game. Or in front of our computers laughing at the notion that beer isn’t “for chicks.”

(Image: Aurosa)

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